man in black with white apron grilling in woods on kettle grill


Jared Waldron

Jared got into barbecue after a close friend served homemade maple smoked bacon and a tomahawk steak seared over charcoal at a holiday party. It opened his mind to the possibilities beyond simple gas grilling. Since then, Jared never looked back and started on a journey to make great tasting BBQ. That journey involved traveling across North America, South America, South East Asia and Europe eating and learning the whole way.

Since launching the Instagram feed, BBQ and Bottles, Jared and his wife have quickly built one of the largest online communities focused on bringing friends and family together through food – more specifically through great BBQ, grilling and smoking. To them, there is no greater expression of love than spending your time and energy to prepare a delicious meal that brings people you care about together to create memories. This community has now expanded to include YouTube, Facebook and Twitter but the goal has remained the same – sharing detailed step-by-step recipes, tips and tricks to spread their passion for BBQ.

Jared has worked with a variety of high-end brands that align with his personal values, including, Weber Grills, Kingsford, Zwilling, Jacobs Creek, Lynx Grills, and Smithfield to name a few. When not grilling in Toronto, Jared can be found up North at the cottage in the Kawartha Lakes.