Jennifer Sebasigari


Jennifer Sebasigari

Jennifer Sebasigari is a professional chef based out of Houston Texas, born on March 3rd, 1989 in Bujumbura, Burundi. At the age of 12, the French native-speaking chef and her family moved to the USA. Her first culinary experience was at 10 years old in Langy, Cameroon in a refugee camp, where she prepared a family meal for her parents and siblings of five.

Since then, Chef Jenny has honed her culinary skills working at Walt Disney’s Liberty tree tavern and Tusker House. She established her business Jennyonthego365 in Houston, Texas, providing catering services, pop-up restaurants, cooking lessons, and creating charity events with local and international chefs including Karen Man, Kelly Helgesen, James Robinson, Gilfert Hunt, and the Houston Astro’s Devown Hines.

In addition, Chef Jenny has appeared on local news outlets in Houston, Texas where she has a juice company Jennandthejuice creating cold-pressed fruits and vegetable juices that are 100% all-natural with no water, sugar, preservatives, or added spices.

Chef Jenny has partnered with more than twenty major culinary brands and is currently the face of Swiss peelers, Gotze. Look for her upcoming TEDx talk in mid-summer!