man in white T-shirt with blue hat backwards sitting with arms crossed


Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris was born with a fire fascination. That simple boyhood pyrotechnic intrigue has evolved into a full-blown obsession with all things fire cooked. Growing up watching his family cook meals, he’s always had a natural inclination for creativity in the kitchen and on the grill. He recalls of himself; “What 10-year-old-kid says their favorite show is Great Chefs of the World?”

It has been a life-long love affair with the process of cooking. The more complicated the more interesting. Jordan created his Instagram account Vertsmoke to document the unique, the unusual, and down-right cool world of BBQ and grilling. He has worked with many top name brands to create recipes or to promote their social media campaigns, including Weber, Green Mountain Grills, Cowboy Charcoal, Butcher Box, Thermoworks, Head Country, Smithfield Brand, National Pork Board and many more. When not cooking, Jordan loves spending time at the beach with his wife and two beautiful daughters.